Everlasting Summer

Published August 19, 2014 by sweetgalaxycat

SUMMER: (noun) Sunshine, long days, lots of free time!

…Not really. Welcome to the tropic of cancer, where you will always have sunshine, long days and lots of free time.

(The above information is only somewhat factual and may be untrue depending on your person)

I think I am late to the party. Summer started months ago, and here I am, posting at the end of it. That is because my summer has been quite eventful- my family and I traveled to the States for a little over a month.

We drove all over the east coast, visiting family and friends we hadn’t seen for more than a decade. Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York City, Boston, Kentucky…these were our stop points, but we drove through a bunch more states. It was beautiful, fun, and we definitely made a lot of precious memories.

Highlights: Walking around DC, Ice Skating, New England Aquarium…

We spent our fasting month, Ramadan, in the States, and oh was it an experience! Our plane actually touched down home on Eid, which we celebrated with our folks here at home.

Some of those cherished family members have flown back to their home after a summer in the tropic of cancer. I made these cake pops for them.


This was a group effort. My mother fashioned bows out of marshmallow fondant. That kitty in love was my brother’s invention. My sister and I made penguins. The penguins whose blue coating isn’t entirely smooth play outside too much- ruffled feathers and all. Can you spot the pandas? 


Now you can. My sister made ’em. This lone penguin is having time-out, basically. He is to reflect upon rolling around in the snow so that his feathers got messy. To the left is a dragon fruit, by the way.

At any rate, I think these went pretty amazing for a first attempt at cake pops. I had an awesome time decorating with my family- make the most of what’s left of summer by doing something sweet with your friends and family, too. 


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