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Brown Better

Published December 24, 2014 by sweetgalaxycat

“Hey,” the little girl said in a high pitched, squeaky voice. “What are you doing?”

I looked up from my notebook, slightly surprised that some tiny first grader had dared to talk to me, a self-proclaimed nutcase.  “Oh- I’m writing,” I said shortly, wondering-

“Writing what?”

I must have blinked a few times before lamely saying, “Umm, a story about a person in space, well, a girl…”

I was five pages into my messy drabble, and my pen itched to continue on.

The little girl, however, proceeded to flip through my notebook and gush at my drawings and random doodles. I must have been very people deprived, because I actually found it gratifying.

We then played games of XO, all of which she won- (She had the only pen, see xD) and she told me to drop by again when I came to the library.


The other day I worked my right arm into a sore state while making macarons. I didn’t quite get them right, but I did end up with a stash of beautiful egg yolks to use in some treats.

Treats, to say, these chocolate chip cookies.



brown butter

Brown butter and bad photo editing but I’m all about the bright side, y’all.

It took about five minutes for my butter to reach a deep amber color. I removed it from the heat and, deciding I wanted to keep the toasted milk solids, poured it all into a glass. When it was semi-chilled I spooned it out into a large mixing bowl and went on as per the recipe’s instructions.


 This looks like some bizarre rock formation I would certainly like to explore.

The cookies taste phenomenal- With a touch of milky caramel. They’re beautiful, too. You have to chill the dough and I also weigh it out to get even sized cookies.

I do a thing and ever so slightly sprinkle the tops with just a touch of salt; it makes them taste better. Sea salt is recommended for its pleasant flavor but I get away with table salt- did you see the emphasis on ‘ever so slightly’ and ‘just a touch’? That’s how you do it with table salt because it can easily get quite harsh and turn your cookies into blegh.


I’ve made many a good cookie and these have a place in the Heart, where all delicious things go.

 (I doubt I’ll ever have an opportunity to give a cookie to that little girl but she was definitely the inspiration for these.)

Here is the recipe! Thanks, Sally, for such a delicious cookie.