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Octopus Pancakes

Published January 1, 2015 by sweetgalaxycat

Galaxy, 10:22 AM :

I spent last night in the dining room, sleeping on a row of chairs. I would wake at 2.5 hour intervals, drag myself upright and stare, bleary eyed at my revision sheet. Snorting, I’d go right back to sleep. 

Nobody told me that migrating to Earth would entail such toil. I’m not complaining….just musing… =P

But the information I did retain- All thanks to Wify, who has been my mental support these days, quite literally as she is a soft pillow.

So- Welcome Wify as she steps up and takes the reins….


Humans! What a pleasure. In Octopia, we greet our fellow cephalopod cousins by bumping squishy heads with one another.


Now I have officially made your acquaintance! Delicious! No, umm, I’m not going to eat you. I’m a highly civilized individual. Sad that the same cannot be sai-

*Banging noise*

APPARENTLY, I’m to show you ruffians a few pretty pictures of pancakes and swoon about how yummy blah blah they were. Well okay, they were good. But the photographs don’t have ME in them.


Therefore, I think it would be more interesting for you to learn about the ti-

*More banging*

Gracious, Galaxy! Fine. I’ll ‘get to it’. If only everyone knew how you treat your ONLY apprentice.

Right. So- Pancakes. Quite a coveted treat in Octopia, especially with candied star fish sprinkled in the batter. But you humans prefer other items, right? Like- chocolate chips and blueberries. But Galaxy, my oh-so-righteous master *Do you comprehend sarcasm, human? Good.* likes pancakes simple and plain.


She doesn’t even pat them with butter! Oh, the horror. I must admit, though, that Galaxy’s pancakes are not bad. According to my notes, the texture of the batter truly ensures a fluffy result. Galaxy sometimes adds a kiss of vanilla to the batter. She also occasionally decreases the baking powder by a half teaspoon, and also decreases the salt by a fourth teaspoon. You can find the recipe Galaxy uses here. It’s extremely forgiving!

Like, I can make these with my eyes closed. I don’t always make them because candied star fish is expensive, but the recipe is a winner down in the inky blue.

When I’m cooking the pancakes, Galaxy’s uneven stove top can heat up the pan and make my pancakes burn. Ever had this problem, human?  Of course- I’m an octopus and naturally clever, so I use simple Physics to prevent this from happening.

Whaaat? You thought octopus babies don’t take Physics? Hmph.

Between each pancake, I pour some water into the pan. I swirl the water around and it hisses and boils. After a few seconds, I pour the water into a small cup, use a tissue to wipe my pan dry, and make the next pancake. The water takes some of the heat from the pan as it vaporizes, slightly cooling the pan. While the difference isn’t significant, it does help, and it ensures perfectly golden pancakes every time.

Pancake 3

In all my years travelling with Galaxy; going to Earth- these pancakes remind me of where home is, and that’s enough for me! =D


And that’s it for Wify, friends! We do hope you can try this out. Again, here is the recipe.